1919 April 1
No dates given.

Missionary work began in Canada in June 1832. By 1852 work had stopped due to most Church members emigrating to Utah. On 1 July 1919, the Canadian Mission was formally organized from the Eastern States and Northern States Missions.

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Mission Founded

1919 April 1

Nephi United States Centenial Jensen Called as President

1919 June–1923 March See Missionaries

Boundary Change

1919 August 1

The province of Manitoba is transferred from the Northern States Mission.

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at 36 Ferndale Ave., Toronto, Canada.

Joseph Quinney Jr. Called as President

1923 February–1927 March See Missionaries

Boundary Change

1925 September 6

The Maine Conference was transferred from the Eastern States Mission.

Charles Henry Hart Called as President

1927 February–1930 November See Missionaries

John Vitalis Bluth Called as President

1930 December–1935 July See Missionaries
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