Alternate Names
1905 July 1
No dates given.

Renamed from the Scandinavian Mission on 1 July 1905 to the Danish-Norwegian Mission (although many people and records would continue to call it the Scandinavian Mission for a few years). The mission split on 1 April 1920 to form the Danish Mission and the Norwegian Mission.

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Jens Moller Christensen Called as President

1905 July–1907 November See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1905 July 1

Søren Rasmussen Called as President

1907 November–1909 February See Missionaries

Andrew Jenson Called as President

1909 January–1912 July See Missionaries

Martin Christophersen Called as President

1912 March–1914 May See Missionaries

Hans Jacob Christiansen Called as President

1914 April–1919 October See Missionaries

Carl Edwin Peterson Called as President

1919 September–1923 May See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home is moved to Korsgade 11, Copenhagen, Denmark.

John Soren Hansen Called as President

1923 March–1926 February See Missionaries

Joseph Lind Petersen Called as President

1926 January–1929 July See Missionaries

Holger Marius Larsen Called as President

1929 June–1934 August See Missionaries

Mark Brimhall Garff Called as President

1930 February–1932 July See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at Peder Skramsgade 15, Copenhagen, Denmark. Moved to Priorvej 12, Copenhagen F, Corner of Borupsalle, Denmark. 

Alma Lind Petersen Called as President

1934 July–1937 November See Missionaries
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