East Central States

1928 December 9
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The East Central States Mission was organized 9 December 1928 out of the Eastern States and Southern States Missions.

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At its creation, the East Central States Mission comprised the states of Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and part of Maryland.

The mission home was located at 927 S 4th St., Louisville, Kentucky.

Miles Levanter Jones Called as President

1928 December–1934 June See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1928 December 9

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In 1936 the mission home moved to 927 S 4th st, Louisville, Kentucky. In 1937 it moved to 1440 St. James Ct., Louisville, Kentucky.

William Thomas Tew Jr. Called as President

1937 June–1940 August See Missionaries
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East Central States Mission Conference, Roanoke, VA, July 12, 1929