Eastern States

1839 May 6
No dates given.

The Eastern States Mission was organized on 6 May 1839 when John P. Greene was sent to New York City to preside over the Saints in that area. The mission was not officially discontinued, but work in the area was temporarily suspended in 1850, 1858, and 1869. The mission was formally reorganized in January 1893 from the Northern States and Southern States Missions.

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John Brown Called as President

1839 May 6 See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1839 May 6

Orson Pratt Sr. Called as President

1845 August –November See Missionaries

Samuel Brannan Called as President

1845 November–1846 February See Missionaries

William Ivins Appleby Called as President

1847 March –October 30 See Missionaries

Wilford Woodruff Called as President

1848 April–1850 April See Missionaries

John Taylor Called as President

1854 September–1857 May See Missionaries

William Hart Miles Called as President

1864–1869 See Missionaries

John Morgan Called as President

1876 October 9 See Missionaries

Frederick Kesler Called as President

1890 April 28 See Missionaries

Mission Reopened

1893 January

The Eastern States Mission was re-opened with headquarters at Brooklyn, New York. 

Boundary Change


Maryland, Delaware, with the southern part of West Virginia and West Pennsylvania added to the mission.

Headquarters Move


Mission Home was located at 50 Concord St., Brooklyn New York.

Alonzo Pratt Kesler Sr. Called as President

1897 March–1899 March See Missionaries

William Henry Smart Called as President

1899 March–1900 August See Missionaries

Edward Hunter Snow Called as President

1900 August–1901 March See Missionaries

John Gray McQuarrie Called as President

1901 March–1908 July See Missionaries

Ephraim Hesmer Nye Called as President

1902 January 7–June 7 See Missionaries

Boundary Change

1902 July–1903 August

The state of West Virginia was transferred to the new Middle States Mission in July 1902. It returned to the Eastern States Mission in August 1903 when the Middle States Mission was dissolved. 

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at 213 W 135th street, New York City, New York. 

Benjamin Erastus Rich Called as President

1908 August–1913 September See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


Mission headquarters was located at 33 W 126th Street, New York City, New York. It moved to 1140 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, New York. 

Boundary Change

1925 September 6

The Main Conference was transferred to the Canadian Mission. The mission home is located at 273 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, New York. 

Henry Herman Rolapp Called as President

1927 May–1929 January See Missionaries

James Henry Moyle Called as President

1929 January–1933 July See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home is moved from 273 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, New York, to 155 Riverside Drive, New York City. 

Israel Franklin Evans Called as President

1937 July–1940 September See Missionaries

Boundary Change

1937 September

The New England Mission was organized from portions of the Eastern States Mission and Canadian Mission. The states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island were split from the Eastern States Mission and became part of the New England Mission. 

After the split, the Eastern States Mission was comprised of the New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and a small portion of northern West Virginia. 

Gustave Arnt Iverson Called as President

1940 August–1944 April See Missionaries

Roy Watkins Doxey Called as President

1944 April–1948 September See Missionaries

Boundary Change


The mission boundaries were changed to include the state of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Arlington and Fairfax counties in Virginia. The mission office is also moved at this time to 973 Fifth Avenue in New York City. 

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