1852 April 3
1904 May 22

Although some missionary work had already occurred in Germany, the mission was not formally organized until 3 April 1852 when Daniel Garn arrived in Hamburg as the first mission president of the German Mission. The mission closed in 1861 and was absorbed into the Swiss, Italian, and German Mission. Over thirty years later, the German Mission was reorganized in 1898. However, it only lasted a few years and closed once more in 1904 as it was absorbed into the new Swiss-German Mission.

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Daniel Garn Called as President

1851 September–1853 December See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1852 April 3

George Christian Riser Called as President

1854 February 5–September 6 See Missionaries

Mission Closed


In 1861 the German Mission closed and joined with the Swiss and Italian Mission to become the Swiss, Italian, and German Mission.

Peter Loutensock Called as President

1898 January–1899 January See Missionaries

Mission Reopened


The Swiss and German Mission split to form the German Mission and the Swiss Mission.

Arnold Heinrich Schulthess Called as President

1898 December–1901 September See Missionaries

Hugh Jenne Cannon Called as President

1901 September–1904 May See Missionaries

Mission Closed

1904 May 22

Mission Closed

1904 May 22

The German Mission and the Swiss Mission recombined to become the Swiss-German Mission.

The mission home, which was shared with the Swiss Mission, was located at Hoschgasse 68, Munster, Zurich, Switzerland.

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