German and Austrian

1925 August 23
1938 January 1

Organized on 23 August 1925 from the Swiss-German Mission, although the separation was not completed until the 1 January 1926. Discontinued alongside the Swiss-German Mission at the beginning of 1938 and reorganized into the Swiss Austrian, East German and West German Missions.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Tadje Called as President

1925 August–1926 October See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1925 August 23

Mission Organized

1925 August 23

At its creation, the mission comprised eight conferences: Königsberg, Breslau, Stettin, Berlin, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Dresden, and Wien.

The mission home was located at Konigsbruckerstrassw No. 62, Dresden, Germany.

Hyrum Washington Valentine Called as President

1926 October–1929 October See Missionaries

Boundary Change

1929 July 24

The mission was divided to create the Czechoslovak Mission

Edward Partridge Kimball Called as President

1929 August–1930 July See Missionaries

Oliver Hyer Budge Called as President

1930 September–1934 August See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home moved to Haendelstrasse 3, Berlin, N. W. 87, Germany.

Roy Anson Welker Called as President

1934 July–1937 August See Missionaries

Alfred Cornelius Rees Called as President

1937 July 21–December 31 See Missionaries

Mission Closed

1938 January 1
German and Austrian (1925 - 1938) Profile