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Sandwich Islands
1850 December 12
No dates given.

The first branch in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) was founded on Maui in August 1851. By 1854, there were over 4,000 Hawaiian converts in 53 branches scattered throughout the islands, the Book of Mormon had been translated into Hawaiian, and converts gathered to a colony on Lanai. Missionaries left in 1857 at the time of the Utah War, but returned in 1864. In 1865 the Church purchased a sugar plantation in Laie, Oahu. The histories of the Laie plantation and the Hawaiian Mission intertwined as some mission presidents served simultaneously as plantation manager. In 1919 the plantation closed and the Laie Temple was dedicated on the same land.

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Hiram Clark Sr. Called as President

1850 November–1851 February See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1850 December 12

Silas Schellinger Smith Called as President

1855 July–1857 October See Missionaries

Henry William Bigler Called as President

1857 April–1858 October See Missionaries

Lorenzo Snow Called as President

1864 March 2–June See Missionaries

Joseph Fielding Smith Sr. Called as President

1864 March 2–October 2 See Missionaries

Alma Lamoni Smith Called as President

1864 October–1868 June See Missionaries

George Nebeker II Called as President

1865 May–1873 June See Missionaries

Simpson Montgomery Molen Called as President

1876 April–1879 July See Missionaries

Edward Partridge Jr. Called as President

1882 April–1885 March See Missionaries

William Rice King Called as President

1887–1890 See Missionaries

Matthew Noall Called as President

1891 November–1895 November See Missionaries

Samuel Edwin Woolley Called as President

1895–1919 See Missionaries

Elias Wesley Smith Sr. Called as President

1919 May–1923 May See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


Mission home was located at 1124 Kalihi Road, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Eugene Jefferson Neff Called as President

1923–1926 See Missionaries

William Mark Waddoups Called as President

1926 June–1930 October See Missionaries

Henry Castle Hadlock Murphy Called as President

1930 August–1936 May See Missionaries

Waldmar Francis Bailey Called as President

1936 June–1939 July See Missionaries

Roscoe Cleon Cox Called as President

1939 July–1942 July See Missionaries
Hawaiian (1850 - ?) Profile
The Mission Home in Laie, Hawaii
Hilo Mission Home
Meetinghouse on Maui
Latter-day Saints Mission Home, Hawaiian Islands
Honolulu Mission Home
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