Indian Territory

1855 June 26
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At a conference held in Salt Lake City on 8 April 1855 a number of missionaries were called to serve in the United States and abroad. Arriving at St. Louis, Missouri, on 26 June 1855, they opened the Indian Territory Mission. Five years later the missionaries returned home and work did not recommence until 1877 when a few missionaries served for a few months in the area. Finally, on 20 April 1883, the Indian Territory Mission was once more reorganized. It was renamed the Southwestern States Mission on 29 March 1898 then became the Central States Mission in 1904.

There were many other missions focused on the American Indians. In the early years of the church they were not organized as missions with presidents and individuals often served unofficially or in unorganized missions as they fulfilled their duties in settlement. However, a few were organized with presidents in April 1855: Elk Mountain in Moab, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; Salmon River in Idaho; Shoshone at Fort Supply, Wyoming.

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Missionaries were called at General Conference in April 1855 to open what became the Indian Territory Mission, which was the boundaries of the what is now the state of Oklahoma.

By 1860 the missionaries had returned home and the mission was closed.

Henry Willliam Miller Called as President

1855 May–1856 November See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1855 June 26

Washington Norwood Cook Called as President

1856 October–1858 September See Missionaries

Henry Eyring Called as President

1858 September–1860 May See Missionaries

Mathew William Dalton Called as President

1877 March 9–November 1 See Missionaries

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In April 1883 the mission was reorganized and missionary work recommenced in the area.

George Teasdale Called as President

Andrew Kimball Called as President

1885 January–1887 April See Missionaries

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The territory of Oklahoma was added to the Indian Territory Mission in 1894. Then the states of Arkansas and Kansas were added in 1895. Finally, Texas came within the boundaries of the mission in 1897. This necessitated a name change to the Southwestern States Mission in March 1898.

William Thomas Jack Called as President

1897 April–1898 March See Missionaries
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