1901 August 12
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Missionaries, under the leadership of Heber J. Grant, arrived in Japan on 12 August 1901. A few weeks later, on 1 September, President Grant dedicated the country for the preaching of the Gospel. Work continued until June 1924 when the First Presidency decided to close the mission. The mission president was released 31 July 1924 and the last missionaries departed on 7 August. The mission reopened in 1937 with headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Heber Jeddy Grant Called as President

1901 July–1903 September See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1901 August 12

Missionaries Arrive

1901 August 12

The first group of missionaries arrive in Japan.

The mission home was located at No. 16 Kasumigao Kamachi, Yotusya, Tokyo, Japan.

Horace Samuel Ensign Sr. Called as President

1903 September–1905 July See Missionaries

Alma Owen Taylor Called as President

1905 July–1910 March See Missionaries

Book of Mormon Printed

1909 October 6

The first copies of the Book of Mormon in Japanese were printed in Tokyo.

Elbert Duncan Thomas Called as President

1910 January–1913 April See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at 81 Yakuojimae, Machi, Ushigome, Ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Heber Grant Ivins Called as President

1912 October–1915 July See Missionaries

Joseph Henry Stimpson Called as President

1915 February–1921 February See Missionaries

Lloyd Oscar Ivie Called as President

1921 January–1924 January See Missionaries

Hilton Alexander Robertson Called as President

1924 January 22–July 31 See Missionaries

Mission Closed

1924 June 12–August 7

On 12 June 1924 the First Presidency published an announcement in the Improvement Era that the Japan Mission would be temporarily closed. Two weeks later a cablegram was received at mission headquarters stating that all missionaries were to withdraw from Japan temporarily. The following day a letter was received confirming the cablegram.

Most missionaries had been officially released by the end of July, with mission President Hilton A. Robertson being released 31 July. He then departed with the last group of missionaries on 7 August 1924. 

Mission Reopened


The Japanese Mission was opened with headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii, to proselyte to Japanese-speaking people in the islands.

Jay Clair Jensen Called as President

1940 August–1943 January See Missionaries

Vinal Grant Mauss Called as President

1949 August–1953 September See Missionaries
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