1879 November 16
No dates given.

The first Latter-Day Saints to Mexico were sent in 1875 with the newly translated Trozos Selectos del Libro de Mormon. The mission was officially organized on 16 November 1879. Missionaries left Mexico with the mission closing on 1 June 1889 due to troubles with polygamy. The Mormon Colonies in Northern Mexico (founded in 1885) remained. On 8 June 1901 the Mexican Mission was reorganized. As a result of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917) missionary work was hampered and Latter-Day Saints, both missionaries and colonists, were evacuated in 1912. Local Mexican members remained. At the end of the war (1917) both missionaries and colonists returned.

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Missionaries Arrive


Daniel W. Jones led the first group of missionaries into Mexico. He was accompanied by Helaman Pratt, Wiley C. Jones, Anthony W. Ivins, and James Z. Stewart.

Mission Founded

1879 November 16

Moses Thatcher Called as President

1880 December–1881 August See Missionaries

August Heinrich Friedrich Wilcken Called as President

1881 September–1883 April See Missionaries

Anthony Woodward Ivins Called as President

1883 April–1884 April See Missionaries

Helaman Pratt Called as President

1884–1885 See Missionaries

Henry Eyring Called as President

1887 October–1888 December See Missionaries

Ammon Meshach Tenney Called as President

1887 November–1888 December See Missionaries

David John Rogers Called as President

1888 December–1889 June See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at Fifth Humboldt 50, Mexico, D. F.

Talma Emerson Pomeroy Called as President

1904 May–1905 August See Missionaries

Hyrum Smith Harris Called as President

1905 September–1907 October See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at 1-A Calzada de Santa Maria No. 23 Mexico, D. F. Mexico.

In the early 1920s the mission home was located at 3531 Fort Boul, El Paso, Texas. In 1929 it was moved to 2067 S Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles, California.

Kenneth Haymore Called as President

1925 October–1926 September See Missionaries

Rey Lucero Pratt Called as President

1926 September–1931 April See Missionaries

Antoine Ridgway Ivins Called as President

1931 August–1934 February See Missionaries

Harold Wilcken Pratt Called as President

1934 January–1938 October See Missionaries

Ami Lorenzo Anderson Called as President

1938 August–1942 August See Missionaries

Arwell Lee Pierce Called as President

1942 August–1950 October See Missionaries
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