Alternate Names
1864 November 1
No dates given.

Organized 1 November 1864 from the Swiss, Italian, & German Mission. The name was changed to Netherlands-Belgium on 31 January 1891 and then back to Netherlands Mission on 15 May 1914.

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Joseph Weiler Called as President

1864 October–1867 March See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1864 November 1

Boundary Info

1864 November 1

When it was created the mission encompassed the country of the Netherlands.

Francis Almon Brown Called as President

1867 March 28–October 25 See Missionaries

Marcus Holling Called as President

1867 October–1869 September See Missionaries

Jan Frederik Krumperman Called as President

1869 September–1871 December See Missionaries

Dirk Bockholt Called as President

1874 August–1875 September See Missionaries

Sybren VanDyke Called as President

1880 April–1882 June See Missionaries

Zwier Willem Koldewijn Called as President

1884 November–1885 November See Missionaries

Boundary Change/ Name Change

1891 January 31

The country of Belgium was added to the mission boundaries, prompting a mission name change to the Netherlands-Belgium mission.

Alfred Lundberg Farrell Called as President

1892 October–1893 May See Missionaries

Edwin Turpin Bennion Called as President

1893 May–1895 March See Missionaries

Asa Walter Judd Sr. Called as President

1895 February–1896 March See Missionaries

Heinrich Gottfried Friedrich Pieper Called as President

1896 November–1897 November See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at Boezem Singel, 116, Rotterdam, Holland.

Sylvester Quayle Cannon Called as President

1900 August–1902 October See Missionaries

Willard Telle Cannon Called as President

1902 October–1905 April See Missionaries

Jacob Hampton Trayner Called as President

1905 April–1906 April See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at Crooswijkschesingel 8, Rotterdam, Holland.

John Addison Butterworth Called as President

1916 June–1920 September See Missionaries

Boundary Change


Belgium is removed from the boundaries of the mission.

Charles Stanford Hyde Called as President

1923 March–1926 February See Missionaries

John Philip Lillywhite Called as President

1926 January–1929 September See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home moved to Grooswijkschesingel 16b, Rotterdam, Holland. 

Frank Iemke Kooyman Called as President

1929 August–1933 November See Missionaries
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