New Zealand

1898 January 1
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At the beginning of 1898 the Australasian Mission was divided to reform the Australian Mission and organize the New Zealand Mission.

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In October 1854, President Augustus Farnham and N. William Cooke of the Australasian Mission visited New Zealand and in April 1855 the first branch was established there.

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Headquarters of the Australasian Mission were moved to New Zealand in 1879.

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President William Michael Bromley, of the Australasian Mission, was inspired to teach the Maori people, leading to the first Maori converts in October 1881.

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At the end of 1897 the Australasian Mission was divided to create the Australian and New Zealand Missions.

Ezra Foss Richards Called as President

1898 January 1–April 28 See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1898 January 1

Ezra Thompson DuFresne Stevenson Called as President

1898 March–1900 February See Missionaries

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The official mission periodical, Elders' Messenger, began publication in January 1907. It carried a Maori-language supplement called Te Karere. Starting in 1908 Te Karere became its own periodical, although the two shared the same numbering.

Charles Bart Bartlett Called as President

1902 June–1905 August See Missionaries

Louis Gerald Hoagland Called as President

1905 May–1907 May See Missionaries

George Bowles Called as President

1909 February–1911 April See Missionaries

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The mission opened an agricultural college at Korongata in 1913 to instruct Maori boys.

In 1917 the two mission periodicals, Elders' Messenger and Te Karere, recombined under the title Te Karere.

Orson Douglass Romney Called as President

1911 February–1914 January See Missionaries

William Gardner Called as President

1913 November–1916 May See Missionaries

James Needham Lambert Called as President

1916 April–1920 May See Missionaries

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Mission home located at 2 Scotia Place, Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

George Shepard Taylor Called as President

1920 November–1923 July See Missionaries

Angus Taylor Wright Called as President

1923 March–1925 April See Missionaries

John Howard Jenkins Called as President

1925 July–1928 May See Missionaries

John Ephraim Magleby Called as President

1928 March–1932 June See Missionaries

Rufus Kay Hardy Called as President

1933 June–1934 November See Missionaries

Moroni Charles Woods Called as President

1935 March–1938 April See Missionaries

Matthew Cowley Called as President

1938 January–1945 July See Missionaries

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Te Karere ceased publication with its June 1960 issue.

New Zealand (1898 - ?) Profile
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Hui Tau Annual Conference, New Zealand, 1916
Missionaries repairing bicycles
New Zealand Mission headquarters, 1905
Elder Sarel Porter on Banjo, Maori Agricultural College Band about 1930
Men called to translate Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price from English to Maori
Elders outside the Tahoraiti Chapel
Elders in the Mission Office
Missionaries serving in NZ, at Tamaki Marae, near Dannevirke, 6 April 1895
New Zealand Mission
New Zealand Missionaries, Australasian Mission, in front of Maori whare
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