North Central States

1925 July 12
No dates given.

On 12 July 1925 the North Central States Mission was organized, comprised of areas formerly part of the Northern States, Western States, Northwestern States, and Canadian Missions.

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Mission home located at 3044 Elliot Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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From the Mission History:

"The Mission is bounded as follows: Starting at the southeast corner of the State of Minnesota and thence west along the Minnesota-Iowa boundary line to the southwest corner of the State and then south along the South Dakota-Iowa boundary line to the southeast corner of of the State of South Dakota, thence west along the South Dakota-Nebraska boundary line, and thence north to the 45th parallel north latitude, thence west to the South Dakota-Wyoming-Montana boundary line, (this leaving the Black Hills district of South Dakota in the Western States Mission), thence continuing along the Montana-Wyoming boundary line to a point determined by the intersection of a line running north and south through the State of Montana just east of the city of Great Falls with the Montana-Wyoming boundary, thence north through the State of Montana and through the Province of Alberta to a point a few miles north of the city of Metiskow, Alberta, thence east and south through the Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario to the city of Armstrong, Ontario, thence south to the city of Port Arthur, Ontario, (including that city), thence southwest along the shore of Lake Superior to the cities of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin, (including those cities), thence south following the Minnesota-Wisconsin boundary line to the starting point.

"Thus the new mission takes in the following: all of the State of Minnesota, all of the State of North Dakota, all of the State of South Dakota except the Black Hills district, all of the State of Montana east of the city of Great Falls, a narrow strip of the eastern part of the Province of Alberta, the southern part of the Province of Saskatchewan, the southern part of the Province of Manitoba, the southwestern corner of the Province of Ontario, and the city of Superior in the State of Wisconsin."

John Gurnett Allred Called as President

1925 July–1929 July See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1925 July 12

Arthur Welling Called as President

1929 June–1934 July See Missionaries

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Mission home moved in 1935 to 3240 Park Ave. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Wilford Woodruff Richards Jr. Called as President

1934 June–1937 August See Missionaries

David Albert Broadbent Called as President

1937 July–1940 October See Missionaries

George Franklin Richards Jr. Called as President

1940 September–1949 January See Missionaries
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