Northern States

Alternate Names
Northwestern States
1878 May 6
No dates given.

The mission was originally organized as the Northwestern States Mission on 6 May 1878 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The mission name changed to the Northern States Mission on 20 July 1889.

Not to be confused with the Northwestern States Mission organized on 26 July 1897 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

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Cyrus Hubbard Wheelock Called as President

1878 May–1879 August See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1878 May 6

Headquarters Established

1878 May 6

Organized as the Northwestern States Mission the headquarters was placed in Chicago, Illinois.

William Moroni Palmer Called as President

1883 April–1889 July See Missionaries

John Edge Booth Called as President

1883 October–1884 October See Missionaries

Dennison Emer Harris Called as President

1888–1889 See Missionaries

Temporary Mission President Change

1888 January–1889 July

In January 1888, Dennison E. Harris was appointed pro tempore mission president due to the poor health of William M. Palmer. Palmer remained in an advisory position until his official release in July 1889. 

Mission Renamed

1889 July

The Northwestern States Mission was renamed the Northern States Mission.

Charles William Stayner Called as President

1890–1895 See Missionaries

Joshua Reuben Clark Sr. Called as President

1894–1896 See Missionaries

Samuel George Spencer Called as President

1895 January–1896 December See Missionaries

Louis A Kelsch Called as President

1896 July–1901 May See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at 635 West Adams St., Chicago, Illinois.

Boundary Change

1900 November 1

The state of Missouri was removed from the mission and added to the boundaries of the Southwestern States Mission while the states of Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota were added to the Colorado Mission.

Walter Clisbee Lyman Called as President

1901–1902 See Missionaries

Asahel Hart Woodruff Called as President

1902 January–1904 August See Missionaries

German Edgar Ellsworth Called as President

1904 August–1919 August See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at 2555 N. Sawyer Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

Winslow Farr Smith Called as President

1919 June–1923 February See Missionaries

Boundary Change

1919 August 1

The province of Manitoba was transferred to the new Canadian Mission.

John Harris Taylor Called as President

1922 December–1928 May See Missionaries

Noah Seander Pond Sr. Called as President

1928 April–1931 July See Missionaries

George Samuel Romney Called as President

1931 June–1935 December See Missionaries

Bryant Stringham Hinckley Called as President

1936 January–1939 July See Missionaries

David Izatt Stoddard Called as President

1943 October–1945 December See Missionaries
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