Northwestern States

1897 July 26
No dates given.

Although some missionary work had been carried out under the purview of the Oneida Stake since 1896, the Northwestern States Mission was not officially created until 26 July 1897. The headquarters were located in Portland, Oregon. In June 1898, the Montana Mission was discontinued and consolidated into the Northwestern States Mission.

The Northern States Mission headquartered in Chicago, Illinois was originally called the "Northwestern States Mission" between 6 May 1878 and 20 July 1889, before it was changed to the "Northern States Mission".

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George Chandler Parkinson Called as President

1897 July–1898 April See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1897 July 26

Franklin Stevenson Bramwell Called as President

1898 June–1902 March See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


Mission home located at 267 Hancock st., Portland, Oregon.

Boundary Change

1902 May

When Nephi Pratt assumed the presidency the mission was comprised of Washington, Montana, British Columbia, and Northern Idaho, with the mission headquarters at Spokane, Washington. The mission was comprised of three conferences: Butte, Anaconda, and Eastern Washington.

Nephi Pratt Called as President

1902 May–1909 April See Missionaries

Melvin Joseph Ballard Called as President

1909 April–1919 April See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


Mission home located in 256 E. Main St. Portland, Oregon (1910). Moved to 810 E Madison St., Portland, Oregon in 1918.

Heber Charles Iverson Called as President

1919 April–1922 June See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


Mission home located at 264 E 25th Street, Portland, Oregon.

Brigham Spencer Young Called as President

1922 July–1927 September See Missionaries

William Reid Sloan Called as President

1926 November–1934 September See Missionaries

Joseph Quinney Jr. Called as President

1934 July–1937 January See Missionaries

Preston Nibley Called as President

1937 January–1940 September See Missionaries

Nicholas Groesbeck Smith Called as President

1940 September 20 See Missionaries
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