1920 April 1
No dates given.

August Severin Schow Called as President

1920 March–1923 June See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1920 April 1

Mission Organized

1920 April 1

The Danish-Norwegian Mission split to create the Norwegian Mission. August S. Schow was appointed as the first mission president. The mission home was loacted at Osterhaugsgaten 27, Oslo, Norway.

Albert Richard Peterson Called as President

1923 March–1926 January See Missionaries

Martin Christophersen Called as President

1925 December–1927 July See Missionaries

Lorenzo William Anderson Sr. Called as President

1926 October–1929 May See Missionaries

Hyrum Daniel Jensen Called as President

1929 April–1933 August See Missionaries

John Andrew Israelsen Called as President

1939 September 14–December 19 See Missionaries
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