South African

Alternate Names
Cape of Good Hope
1853 April 19
No dates given.

Organized 19 April 1853. Closed 12 April 1865. Reorganized 25 July 1903.

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Jesse Haven Called as President

1852 September–1855 December See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1853 April 19

Ebenezer Clawson Richardson Called as President

1857 April–1858 April See Missionaries

William Fotheringham Called as President

1861 April–1864 March See Missionaries

Miner Grant Atwood Called as President

1864 March–1865 November See Missionaries

Warren Harvey Lyon Called as President

1903 June–1906 February See Missionaries

Henry Lee Steed Called as President

1908 January–1909 October See Missionaries

Brigham Andrus Hendricks Called as President

1909–1911 See Missionaries

Franklin Joseph West Hewlett Called as President

1911 July–1913 November See Missionaries

Nicholas Groesbeck Smith Called as President

1913 September–1921 March See Missionaries

Headquarters move


The mission home moved from 7 Bridge Street, Woodstock, Cape Colony to Cumorah, Main Road, Mowbray, Cape Colony in 1918.

James Wyley Sessions Called as President

1921 January–1926 May See Missionaries

Samuel Martin Called as President

1926 April–1929 February See Missionaries

Don McCarroll Dalton Called as President

1929 January–1935 July See Missionaries

LeGrand Pollard Backman Called as President

1935 January–1938 September See Missionaries

Richard Earl Folland Called as President

1938 March–1944 August See Missionaries

June Bennion Sharp Called as President

1944 April–1948 October See Missionaries

Evan Pettit Wright Called as President

1948 October–1952 November See Missionaries
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