South American

Alternate Names
1925 October 8
No dates given.

Organized on 8 October 1925. Renamed the Argentine Mission in August 1935.

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Melvin Joseph Ballard Called as President

1925 October–1926 July See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1925 October 8

Missionaries Arrive

1925 December 6

First missionaries arrive in Buenos Aires.

Karl Bruno Reinhold Stoof Called as President

1926 May–1935 August See Missionaries

Mission Home Moved


The mission home was located at Rivadavia 8968, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1929, it moved to Habana 3330, Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mission Home Moved


Mission home moved to Calle Esalada 1183, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mission Office Moved


The mission office moved to Villa Versailles, Calle Madero 749.

New Missions Created

1935 May 25

The South American Mission was split to create the Brazilian Mission. The South American Mission was renamed the Argentine Mission and its boundaries were changed to what is now Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Peru.

Walter Ernest Young Called as President

1935 June–1938 October See Missionaries

Mission Office Moved

1938 January

The mission office moved to Calle Monzoni 268.

Frederick Salem Williams Called as President

1938 July–1942 September See Missionaries

Frank Joseph Scoville Called as President

1940 September–1943 May See Missionaries

James Louis Barker Called as President

1942 July–1944 July See Missionaries
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