Southern States

1876 November 1
No dates given.

Henry Green Boyle Called as President

1876 October–1877 November See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1876 November 1

John Hamilton Morgan Called as President

1878 January–1888 January See Missionaries

William Spry Called as President

1888 January–1891 August See Missionaries

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In 1893, the state of Maryland became part of the newly reorganized Eastern States Mission. The state of Arkansas was transferred to the Indian Territory Mission in 1895. Then in 1897, the state of Texas was also transferred to that mission.

Jonathan Golden Kimball Called as President

1891 July–1894 May See Missionaries

Elias Smith Kimball Called as President

1894 May–1898 June See Missionaries

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The mission was split on 28 June 1902 to create the Middle States Mission. The new boundaries of the Southern States Mission changed to include only the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina.

The Middle States Mission the closed in August 1903 and Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and Ohio once more came under the Southern States Mission.

The mission home was located at 711 Fairview Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ephraim Hesmer Nye Called as President

1902 July–1903 May See Missionaries

Nathan John Harris Called as President

1903 June 1–August 7 See Missionaries

Benjamin Erastus Rich Called as President

1903 August–1908 August See Missionaries

Charles Albert Callis Called as President

1908 April–1934 February See Missionaries

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In early 1920, the mission headquarters was moved from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to 371 East North Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.

The states of Ohio was transferred to the Northern States Mission in 1926.

The East Central States Mission was organized 9 December 1928 from the Eastern States Mission and the Southern States Mission. The states of Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia were taken from the Southern States Mission. This left the mission with the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

LeGrand Richards Called as President

1933 December–1937 June See Missionaries

Merrill Daniel Clayson Called as President

1937 June–1940 August See Missionaries

James Peter Jensen Jr. Called as President

1940 July 22 See Missionaries

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In November 1960, the state of Florida was removed from the Southern States Mission and became the Florida Mission.

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