1905 June 15
No dates given.

On 15 June 1905 the Swedish Mission was organized from the Scandinavian Mission, which was renamed the Danish-Norwegian Mission.

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Peter Matson Called as President

1905 June–1908 June See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1905 June 15

Peter Olofsson Sundwall Called as President

1908 March–1910 November See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


The mission home was located at Svartensgantan 3, Stockholm, Sweden.

Andreas Peterson Called as President

1910 August–1912 November See Missionaries

Andrew Theodore Johnson Called as President

1912 November–1913 October See Missionaries

Theodore Tobiason Called as President

1913 August–1916 June See Missionaries

Andrew Peter Anderson Called as President

1915 June–1919 August See Missionaries

Isaac Peter Thunell Called as President

1921 January–1922 December See Missionaries

Hugo Daniel Edward Peterson Called as President

1923 May–1925 September See Missionaries

John Hyrum Anderson Called as President

1925–1926 See Missionaries

Andrew Johnson Called as President

1926 January–1927 December See Missionaries

Gideon Nicanor Hulterstrom Called as President

1927 November–1932 February See Missionaries

Gustave Waldemar Forsberg Called as President

1931 November–1934 July See Missionaries

Gustive Olaf Larson Called as President

1936 August–1939 September See Missionaries
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