Alternate Names
Texas-Louisiana Mission, Gulf States Mission
1931 January 11
No dates given.

Organized 11 January 1931 from a division of the Central States Mission. Renamed to Texas-Louisiana Mission in 1945, to Gulf States Mission in 1955, to Louisiana Shreveport Mission in 1974, and to Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission in 1975.

A new Texas Mission was organized from the Gulf States Mission in 1961.

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Charles Elliot Rowan Jr. Called as President

1931 January–1935 March See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1931 January 11

Mission Organized

1931 January 11

The Texas Mission was organized from a division of the Central States Mission. Charles Elliot Rowan Jr. was appointed as the first mission president. The mission covered the states of Texas and Louisiana. 

Headquarters Move

1931 August

Mission headquarters was located in Houston, first at 902 Kipling Street, then at 901 Kipling Street.

James Morten Peterson Jr. Called as President

1935 March–1937 May See Missionaries

ElRay LaVar Christiansen Called as President

1937 May–1941 July See Missionaries

William Leroy Warner Called as President

1941 July–1945 October See Missionaries

Mission Renamed

1945 May 1

The mission was renamed the Texas-Louisiana Mission to better reflect the area actually covered by the mission. 

Glenn Groesbeck Smith Called as President

1945 October–1949 December See Missionaries

Legrand Fitzgerald Smith Called as President

1953 December–1957 June See Missionaries

Mission Renamed

1955 June 19

The mission was renamed to the Gulf States Mission.

Mission Reorganized

1961 February 16

A new Texas mission was organized from the Gulf States Mission with Ralph J. Hill as first mission president. It was headquartered in Houston.

Headquarters Move


Mission headquarters moved to 13959 Payton Dr., Richardson, Texas.

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