1916 April 3
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Missionaries from the Samoan Mission first arrived on Tonga on 15 July 1891. However, they met with little success and left after six years. In 1909 and 1911 missionaries were sent once more from the Samoan Mission. In 1916 the Tongan Mission was officially organized.

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Elders Brigham R. Smoot and Alva J. Butler arrived in Tonga on 15 July 1891 to open it as an area of the Samoan Mission.

All missionaries were recalled by 1897 due to a lack of success in the islands.

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In July 1916, the Tongan Mission was officially organized from a division of the Samoan Mission.

Willard Lisbon Smith Called as President

1916 April–1920 April See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1916 April 3

Mark Vernon Coombs Called as President

1920 July–1926 June See Missionaries

Jay Alder Cahoon Called as President

1925 January–1928 October See Missionaries

Newel James Cutler Called as President

1928 August–1932 October See Missionaries

Verl Loveless Stubbs Called as President

1930–1934  See Missionaries

Reuben Magnus Wiberg Called as President

1933 November–1936 April See Missionaries

Emile Craner Dunn Called as President

1936 January–1946 June See Missionaries

Evon Wesley Huntsman Called as President

1946 April–1948 July See Missionaries
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