Alternate Names
Armenian, Palestine-Syrian
1884 December 30
No dates given.

Opened on 30 December 1884 then closed 1 October 1909. Reopened in November 1921 and renamed Armenian Mission. Work ended with the death of President Booth in 1928. The mission was reopened as the Palestine-Syrian Mission in 1933.

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Jacob Spori Jr. Called as President

1884 December–1887 March See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1884 December 30

Missionaries Arrive

1884 December 30

Jacob Spori arrives in Constantinople (Istanbul), officially beginning missionary work in the area. 

Frederick Stauffer Called as President

1889 April–1891 December See Missionaries

Joseph Frederick Platte Schoenfeld Called as President

1891 November–1892 February See Missionaries

Don Carlos White Musser Called as President

1892 January–1894 May See Missionaries

Edward William Robinson Called as President

1894 March–1895 December See Missionaries

Armenag Garabed Dikran Shil-Hagopian Called as President

1895 December–1897 September See Missionaries

Philip Starkey Maycock Called as President

1897 August–1899 July See Missionaries

Ferdinand Friis Hintze Called as President

1897 December–1899 December See Missionaries

Michael Herman Damasch Called as President

1900 March–1903 October See Missionaries

Mission Home Closed

1909 October 1

Mission home located at Aintab, Syria, Turkey. Due to political complications, the mission was closed.

Joseph Wilford Booth Called as President

1921 September–1928 December See Missionaries

Reopening of Mission

1921 November 4

Joseph W. Booth was called to renew missionary work in the Near East and was appointed president of the Armenian Mission. He arrived in Palestine in November. The mission home was located at "Fayh House", Alleny Street, Haifa, Palestine. 

End of the Ottoman Empire

1922 November

The Ottoman Empire came to an end as the sultanate was abolished by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Death of President Booth

1928 December 5

President Booth dies of heart failure at Aleppo.

Mission Home Moved


Mission home located at "House Kaltenbach", Garden Street 25, Haifa, Palestine.

Badwagan Piranian Called as President

1933 May–1937 July See Missionaries

Mission Home Moved


Mission home moved to Beirut, Lebanon.

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