1845 December 15
1864 March 26

Became a Conference of the British Mission in 1864. Wales became a District of the Bristol Conference in 1907. in 1919, the headquarters for the Bristol Conference were relocated to Cardiff, Wales.

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Missionaries Arrive in North Wales

1840 October

Henry Royle and Frederick Cook organize a Branch in Overton, Flintshire, Wales.

Missionaries Arrive in South Wales 1840-41

1840 November

Early Missionaries preaching across the Welsh Border from Herefordshire and Gloucestershire were: James Palmer, John Needham, and Richard Steele.

First Elder assigned to preach in Wales full-time.

1843 February 19

William Henshaw assigned by Wilford Woodruff to preach to Sister Mary Ann Lewis Henshaw's family and friends near Merthyr Tydfil.

Dan Jones Called as President

1845 February–1849 February See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1845 December 15

William Samuel Phillips Called as President

1849 January–1854 January See Missionaries

Daniel Daniels Called as President

1856 March–1858 June See Missionaries

Benjamin Pearce Evans Called as President

1857 December–1861 January See Missionaries

Thomas Evans Jeremy Sr. Called as President

1860 September–1864 October See Missionaries

Mission Closed

1864 March 26
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