Western States

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1896 December 15
No dates given.

Organized 15 December 1896 as the Colorado Mission. The name changed to the Western States Mission on 1 April 1907.

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John Law Blyth Called as President

1874 February 6–May 5  See Missionaries

Ernst Albert Tietjen Called as President

1875 October 9 See Missionaries

Alex F McDonald Jr. Called as President

1879 November 10 See Missionaries

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Missionary work commenced in the Colorado Mission on 15 December 1896 when John W. Taylor arrived in Denver with three other missionaries. At the time, the mission comprised only the State of Colorado.

John Whittaker Taylor Called as President

1896 December–1901 March See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1896 December 15

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The mission home was located at 622 W Sixth Street, Denver, Colorado.

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In November 1900 the states of Nebraska and North and South Dakota were transferred to the Colorado Mission. Due to the mission expanding well beyond the borders of the state of Colorado, the mission was renamed the Western States Mission in April 1907.

Joseph Alexander McRae Called as President

1901 March–1909 January See Missionaries

John Lester Herrick Called as President

1908 December–1919 June See Missionaries

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The mission home was located at 242 Broadway, Denver, Colorado.

John Miner Knight Called as President

1919 June–1928 April See Missionaries

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The mission home was located att 538 East Seventh Ave., Denver, Colorado.

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On 12 July 1925 there was a conference held in Minneapolis and the North Central States Mission was established. The states of North and South Dakota were removed from the Western States Mission to the North Central States Mission with the exception of South Dakota's Black Hills region.

Elias Smith Woodruff Called as President

1928 March–1933 December See Missionaries

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The mission was comprised of parts of the states of Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Joseph John Daynes Jr. Called as President

1933 October–1937 June See Missionaries

William West Seegmiller Called as President

1937 May–1941 July See Missionaries

Elbert Raine Curtis Called as President

1941 July–1945 February See Missionaries
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