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John Taylor Independent Company

Elder John Taylor and his companions were returning from their "several missions."  On 3 July, John was at Kanesville; on 24 July he and his companions visited the Benjamin Gardner Company which was on its way west.  On 18 August 1852 Brigham Young received  "an express from Elders [John] Taylor, [Ezra T.] Benson, F. [Franklin] D. Richards, E. [Erastus] Snow and J. [Jedediah] M. Grant, [asking that] 4 teams to be sent to assist them over the Big Mountain on Friday."  On Thursday 19 August, G. [George] D. Grant and others [went] to assist El. [Elder] Taylor & Co."  The next day Elders Taylor, Benson, Richards, Snow and Grant arrive[d] in Salt Lake City "about 6 p m"

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