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Levi Allred Company (1851)

Circa 1851
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Circa 1851
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Independent Train
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In September 1884 the friends of "Abigal Allred" gave her a surprise eightieth birthday party.  In reporting about the event the Salt Lake Herald newspaper on 13 September 1884, 8 supplied the name of Abigail's husband (Levi Allred) as well as the year of her arrival in Utah (1851).  The obituary of the Allred's daughter-in-law (Leona Elizabeth Burton Allred) says she married on the plains in 1851 ("Veteran Pioneer Summoned," Deseret News, 17 February 1909. 3).  The Journal History of the Church on 19 August 1851, 1, 2 includes an article stating that Andrew J. Langley and six others arrived in Kanesville, Iowa from the Great Salt Lake Valley and reported passing several west-bound emigrant trains including the company of "Father Allred."  (See also "From Salt Lake and the Plains," Frontier Guardian newspaper 22 August 1851, 2.)  The Registry of Names of Persons Residing in the Various Wards as to Bishop's Reports, Great Salt Lake City, December 28th, A. D. 1852 lists Levi Allred  and his son William as residents of Pleasant Grove.  Levi and his family were all in Pleasant Grove in the 1856 Utah Territorial census.

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