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Mississippi Company (1846-1847)

Circa 1846
Departed From
Mississippi, United States
Circa 1847 July
Vehicle Type
Company Type
Independent Train
Company Direction

William Crosby led them from Mississippi to Fort Pueblo, where they spent the winter. Most of the group continued on in the spring of 1847 under the direction of Amasa Lyman who was sent from Brigham Young's vanguard company to collect them. They arrived in July of 1847.

The Howard Egan account indicates that at the time the company met up with Brigham Young's 1847 company, after wintering at Fort Pueblo, that there were 161 people in the company and "They have five wagons, one cart, eleven horses, twenty-four oxen, twenty-two cows, three bulls and seven calves. The number of animals in the camp are ninety-six horses, fifty-one mules, ninety oxen, forty-three cows, nine calves, three bulls, sixteen chickens, sixteen dogs, seventy-nine wagons and one cart."

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