Mormon Battalion Detachments (1847)

On 1847 May 24
Departed From
Pueblo, Colorado
On 1847 July 29
Vehicle Type
Company Type
Independent Train
Company Direction

This company represents the three detachments of the Mormon Battalion. It includes Battalion soldiers and the family members who traveled with them. The detachments arrived in Pueblo, Colorado, between September 1846 and January 1847. The detachments stayed in Pueblo with a wagon train from Mississippi, among which were some members of the Church; however, the Church members listed in this company are only those who served or traveled with members of the Mormon Battalion.

The detachments left Pueblo, Colorado, on 24 May 1847.  An advance party of 13 soldiers from the Mormon Battalion met Brigham Young's company on 4 July. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley between five and eight days after Brigham Young's Vanguard Company entered the valley.

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