Ezra Granger Williams Missionary Experiences Transcript

In April [1855] he was called and set apart by Orson Hyde for a mission to the White Mountains in southeastern Utah and northern Arizona. His mother made two 100 lb. sacks of hardtack and 100 lbs. of butter crackers and other provisions to last a long time. Brothers Frank Randall, Orson Miles, and Nelson Empey went with him. David Evans of Lehi was captain of the company. The four men provided a wagon, horses and provisions. Ezra Granger Williams took the only cow he owned.

They arrived at White Mountain and camped. They went out to the Indians intending to teach them to farm as well as teach the gospel to them. But they couldn’t get near them; they would hide behind sagebrush, etc. and shoot arrows at them until the efforts of the missionaries were fruitless and they could only return home. While on the return trip along through San Pete County, Alfred Billings was shot in the hand. Dr. Williams dressed his injured hand and Alfred Billings left the company and went to Fillmore. The missionaries arrived in Salt Lake City on September 22.