Transcript for "16th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 2

16th Company, Uriah Curtis, Capt., wife and 3 children; Elizabeth Barnum [Curtis]; Wm. Elmore [Elmer], wife and 3 children; Sally [Sarah] Williams and 4 children; Lyman Sweat [Swett]; Wm. Depew; John Depew; A[lfred] B[osworth] Child, wife and 2 children; Sally M[aria] Wilder; Hannah Wilder; John Child, wife and 2 children; Lehi Curtis and wife; Wm. Manning, wife and 2 children; Jacob Stump; Levi Bracken and wife; Wm. B[ailey] Maxwell, wife and 2 children; S[hadrach] F[ord] Driggs, wife and 6 children; Henry D[ill] Gifford wife and 2 children; Mary Ewel[l] and 6 children; Isaac Matthews [Mathis], wife and 5 children; John Matthews [Mathis], wife and 2 children; Allen Matthews [Mathis], wife and child; John Cummings, wife and 9 children; Wm. Ainscough, wife and 2 children; Lucinda Wakefield and Jane Wakefield; L[uther] C[ollins] Ramsay, wife and 2 children; Josep[h] Rooker, wife and 4 children; Hiram Elmer, wife and 6 children; Ira Elmer, wife and 6 children; Edward M. Webb, wife and 5 children; James Hofer; James W. Webb, wife and 4 children; Chas. Stoddard, wife and 3 children; B[enjamin] F[ranklin] Stoddard, wife and son; John Webster and wife; Ann Webster and 6 children; Wm[.] Bevin [Bevan]; Wm. Chatwin; Alva Benson, wife and 3 children; Hezekiah Benson; John Wilson and wife; Mary and Martha Hoff [Huff]; David Benson, wife and child; Wm. Stub[b]s and wife; [Benjamin] Gardner Curtis, wife and 5 children; Richard Stub[b]s, wife and 2 children; Abisha[i] Wyra [Wyer] and wife; John Stub[b]s; Wm. J[ackson] Jolley, wife and child; Geo. Wilson, wife and 6 children; E[lisha] H[ildebrand] Davis, wife and 3 children; James Rodaback [Rodeback], wife and 5 children; John P[idding] Jones, wife and 3 children; John Ashworth, wife and 2 children; John Greer and son; Thomas Davenport, wife and 4 children; Samuel Briggs, wife and son; Geo. Noakes, wife and 3 children; Sarah Perkins and 2 children; Edwin Holden. R[uia] A[ngeline] Holden and 5 children; Wm. W[ells] Maguire [McGuire] wife and 2 children; Margaret Tweed; John P[earson] Smith, wife and 5 children; Louisa Montieth; James Temes [Toms], wife and son; Caroline Stoddard; Erastus Curtis, wife and child; Eli Curtis, wife and child; Wm. A. Barton and wife.