Transcript for "17th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 90

17th Company, Isaac Bullock, Capt., Benj. K. Bullock, wife and child; Benj. K. Bullock, sen., wife and 2 children; Wm. Day; John Parcell; Cyrus Dickerman; Mary Duckworth and son; Robt. Duckworth; Mary Warn; John Watts; Harvey C. Ladd; Sarah Ladd and 3 children; Paul Loker; Moses T. [Isaac] Gardner, wife and 3 children; David S. Lauchia [Lauchlin], wife, and 2 children; Geo. Cummings; wife and 4 children; Susan Granter; Wm. Capener, wife and 3 children; Margaret Wilson; Geo. Laftlin [Lufkin]; Thomas Wood; John Scott; Wm. G. Russell, wife and 2 children; Francis Glover; Henry Dee; Ab[raha]m Brown, wife and 7 children; William H. Stott; Edwin and Emma Stott; Wm. Taylor; Ja[me]s. Fisher, wife and daughter; John Gregory and wife; Robt. Watkins and wife; Catharin [Catherine] Watkins; Rhoda, Sarah, Mary and Martha J. Watkins; John Andrews, wife and 3 children; Thos. Herbert, wife and 3 children; Reuben McBride, wife and 8 children; Saml. Gates, wife and 8 children; John H. Stump; Isaac C. Grimes; Margaret Johnston and 2 daughters; Ja[me]s Sanderson, wife and 2 children; Am[raha]m Shaw, wife and child; John Wharton; Jas L. Thompson; Matilda Thompson and 5 children; Timothy H. King and wife; Timothy Robinson, wife and child; John R. Robinson, wife and 4 children; Asaph [Aseph] Blanchard, wife and 4 children; Charlotte Thompson; Wm. Stott.