Transcript for "18th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 2

18th Company, Capt. James C[hauncey] Snow and 7 persons; Samuel and Mary Carter; Abner [Abraham] Palmer, wife and 4 children; N[athan] Pierce; Wm. Martindale, Capt., wife and 2 children; Kindness A[nn] Hanes[Haynes]; Henry Robinson; Franklin Martindale, John Findley [Findlay], wife and child; John Raney; Daly [Dailey] Carpenter, wife and 2 children; Geo. And Isaac Pierce; Nathan B[ennett] Baldwin, wife and 3 children; Mary J. Hotton; Henry Jackson, wife and child; Alice Tomlinson; Geo, Cranmer [Craner]; Charles W[arner] Player wife and child.

2nd ten. Hiram Winters Capt., wife and 7 children; Thomas Hollingshead, wife and 5 children; Columbus Burdicks; Rhoadman [Rhoda Ann] Burdicks; Abigail Bennett and 4 children; Wm. Hawley and 4 children; Mary Hawley: Susan Hawley: Wm. F[letcher] Reynolds, wife and 3 children: Charles Stewart, wife and 3 children.

3rd ten. Charles H[enry] Hales, Capt., wife and 6 children: Lewis Mecham, wife and 7 children: Erastus Lamb, wife and 3 children: Eliza Jackson: Uidah [Huldah] Jackson: Johnson Langley, wife and son: John Zimmerman, wife and son, Job E[dward] Green, wife and 3 children: Levi H[amilton] Callaway, wife and daughter: Lucy Van Buren and 5 children:

4th ten. Salmon Warner, Capt., wife and 6 children: Hannah Brackin [Bracken] and 2 children: Anna Hotton [Houghton]: Benjamin Hotton [Houghton]: Geo. S[terling] Mason: John Pettingill, wife and 4 children: Geo. Stoddard: Wm. Stoddard: Mary Bracken: David E[dwin] Bunnel[l], wife and 7 children: John Nights [Knight], wife and 4 children: Harrison Pearce, wife and 6 children, Amasa Tucker, wife and son: Sophah [Sophia] Weeks: Geo. Tucker: Reuben Weeks: Catharine Braken [Bracken].

The 5th ten has gone ahead, and their names have not been given in.

July 11. The health of the company is good; no sickness has as yet made its appearance amongst us.¬¬—The company generally is in fine buoyant spirits, full of hope, and anticipating success, relying on the God of Israel to bless them in prosecuting their journey to the valleys of the mountains. J.C. Snow.