Transcript for "20th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 2

20th Company, H. W. Miller, Capt.. and 13 persons; L[ewis] R[ice] Chaflin [Chaffin] and 10 persons; Orson Hyde and 9 persons; Daniel McIntosh and 5 persons; Lewis Robins and 3 persons; E[dward] W[atkins] Clark and 5 persons; Jonathan Browning and 16 persons; John Galliher and 4 persons; Bingham Bement and 4 persons; Luther Reed and 2 persons; Wm. Daley and 2 persons; D[aniel] R[andall] Williams and 2 persons; wm. Price; [John] Lovell and 3 persons; wm. Beam [Bean] and 6 persons; [William] Mason and 1 person; G[eorge] Mason and 2 persons; w[illiam] Mason; [John] Carlin[g] and 3 persons; [Isaac] Carlin[g], jun.; [Alexander] Melvin [Melville] and 2 persons; R[ichard] Bentley and 4 persons; C[harles] Price and 3 persons; w. Chapman and 3 persons; [Edwin] Bryant and 2 persons; Nathan Staker and 10 persons; N[icholas] V[ance] Sheffer and 3 person[s]; E. Frost and 5 persons; Jacob Lance and 3 persons; E[benezer] wiggins and 9 persons; John Staker and 3 persons; wm. Staker and 4 persons; Enoch Cowell and 1 person; Frederick Cook[e] and 5 persons; John worthin [Worthen] and 5 persons; wm. Manhard and 6 persons; [William] H[enry] Manhard and 5 persons; R[oyal] Durfee and 3 persons; Geo. A[ugustus] Neal and 3 persons; O[liver] C. [Boardman] Huntington and 3 persons; Richard Maim [Mann] and 3 persons; O[wen] M. Cole and 9 persons.