Transcript for "2nd Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 2

2nd Company, James J. Jepson Capt., wife and daughter; Agnes J. Lindsay; John Smith; Robt. Daft, wife and 1 child; Emeline Holmes; John Clark; Levi Thornton, wife and 6 children; Jas. Hague[,] wife and 4 children; Eliza Fenn; Wm. Smith; Andrew Henderson, wife and daughter; Wm. Dick; Edward Jones, wife and 5 children; Jemima Hough and daughter; Josua Midgley; Eleanor Elliott [Ellett] and daughter; D[aniel]. H. Sutherland and wife; Jas. Collie and brother; Mary Jeffries; Wm. Partington; Ann Minchel and daughter; John Merchant [Marchant], wife and 4 children; Ann Woodhouse and 6 children; Amelia Clark and 2 children; Wm. Hurst, wife and 3 children; Richard Westwood; George Perry, wife and 3 children; David Henderson; Mary Ann Elsey; Chas. Grayson [Taysom], wife and 2 children; Saml. Huff and wife; Geo. Thompson and wife; James Gale, wife and child; Henry White and wife; John Burgess and wife; Elizabeth Bell; Joseph Co[a]tes, wife and 6 children; Mary Holmes; Thos. Davi[e]s, wife and 3 children; Chas, Knight, wife and 2 children; Wm. Jenkins, wife and 5 children; Edward Roberty [Roberry]; Geo. Wilshire, wife and son; Francis Lemasson; Walter S. Savage, wife and child