Transcript for "4th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 2

4th Company, Joseph Outhouse, Capt., and 1 person; Benj. Waldron and 3 persons; Hamilton G. Park and 8 persons; Wm. Lunsford and 14 persons; Josiah C. Wright and 6 persons; John Galley and 1 person; Daniel Page and 5 persons; Joseph Bartholomew and 6 persons; Thos. Brown and 8 persons; Thos. Cottam and 3 persons; Daniel Sumption and 3 persons; Wm. Loyd and 7 persons; John Williams and 3 persons; Thos. Day and 5 persons; Benj. Gibson and 3 persons; Alex. Kidd and 4 persons; Wm. Bickmore and 8 persons; Gilbert Bickmore and 2 persons; Saml Bickmore and 7 persons; Wm. Hudson and 7 persons; T. Clarkson and 3 persons; [J]ohn Meckley & 4 persons; Zadock Bethers and 9 persons; Jas. Randall and 2 persons; Martin Potter and 14 persons; Joseph F. Tracy and 4 persons; Silas H. Tracy and 4 persons; Orval Colvin and 5 persons; Wm. K. Barton and 3 persons; Francis Thornton and 4 persons; John Finney and 3 persons; James Wells and 4 persons; Arthur Parker and 7 persons; Wm. Long and 5 persons; Samuel Harwood and 6 persons; John Ormond and 5 persons; John Spiers and 4 persons; John Cottam.