Transcript for "5th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 2

5th Company, John Tidwell, Capt., and 9 persons; Thos. Robbins [Robins] and 7 persons; Telamac[h]us Rogers and 8 persons; David Adams and 10 persons; Henry Howland and 6 persons; Richard Lowe and 2 persons; John Heldridge and 1 person; David J. Ross and 7 persons; A[braham]. D. Boyington [Boynton] and 5 persons; John M. King and 7 persons; James Matthews [Mathews] and 2 persons; Eleazer King sen., and 3 persons; Eleazer King jr., and 5 persons; Joshua Gillet[t] and 5 persons; Robt. Forrister [Forester] and 2 persons; Geo. Howley [Hawley] and 2 persons; Absalom [Absalem] Yates and 3 persons; John Gillespie and 1 person; John Merry [Murray] and 5 persons; H[elen]. McKell and 3 persons; Adolph[ia] Young and 7 persons; Wm. Clark and 4 persons; John W. Vance and 6 persons; Chas. Lapworth and 2 persons; Wm. Watts and 2 persons; Franklin J. Davis and 6 persons; T[homas]. J. McCullough and 3 persons; Geo. Foster and 10 persons; W. B. Causworth and 7 persons; James Porters and 2 persons; Andrew Whitlock and 9 persons; John Ennis and 7 persons; John Yates and 3 persons; Edward Pool[e] and 4 persons; John Wright and 4 persons; Martin Cole and 5 persons; Henry Kebble [Kebbell] and 6 persons; Isaac Geasford [Gaisford] and 5 persons; Thos. Hepworth and 5 persons; Henry Garfield and 5 persons; Orrin D. Farlin and 4 persons; Jonathan McKee and 5 persons; Jeremiah Levitt [Leavitt] and [unreadable] persons; David Nelsons and 7 persons; Harrison Peck and 6 persons; Wm. Westwood and 14 persons; Henry Green and 9 persons; Henry Gohvely and 6 persons; Hugh McKee and 3 persons; Wm McKee and 9 persons.