Transcript for "6th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 90

6th Company, David Wood, Capt., and 4 persons; Jas. Werham and 5 pesons. Jeremiah Robey and 5 persons; Hiram Oaks and 5 persons; Caleb Baldwin and 7 persons; Jesse McCarl and 9 persons; John Burket and 5 persons; Levi Empy and 6 persons; Isaac Businbark and 9 persons; Orrin Jeffries and 3 persons; Geo. Burket and 1 person; E. W. Howell and 5 persons[;] John Zundell and 9 persons; Jacob Zundle and 7 persons; Wm. McGregor and 8 persons; Strawpert and 4 persons; Alonzo D. Boren and 6 persons; John Van Woggoner and 6 persons; Barbary Penrod and 4 persons; A. D. Keller and 6 persons; Prudence Fairchilds and 4 persons; ____ Shafe[r] and 14 persons[;] Wm. Mendenhall and 6 persons; Moses Fince and 3 persons; Thos. P. Cloward and 3 persons; Joseph Godfrey and 4 persons; Daniel Cow.nd [Cloward] and 4 persons; Wm. Meeks and 8 persons; Thos Mendenhall and 5 persons, Wm. H. Carpenter and 3 persons; Wm. Munjar sen. and 4 persons; Peter Munjar and 1 person; Lydia Clayton and 4 persons; Eli Lee and 1 person; John Davis and 4 persons; Wm. L. Davis and 5 persons; Thos. Carter and 7 persons; Enoch Davis and 2 persons; Geo. G. Redden and 5 persons; Jacob Morris and 3 persons; Wm. and Andrew Smith and 4 persons; Hannah Staley and 3 persons; Bartholomew Mahoney and 1 person; John McCrary; O Maller; G. A. R. Woolcut.