Transcript for "7th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 2

7th Company, Capt H B. M. Jolley, and 11 persons; Charles Barney and 6 persons; John Barney and 3 persons; Lewis Barney and 7 persons; Benjamin Barney and 5 persons; Thomas Reel [Keele] and 2 persons; Robert Carlisle and 4 persons; John Carlisle and 5 persons; Dabney Reel [Keele] and 2 persons; S[amuel]. Leaver and 7 persons; C. Gray and 3 persons; S[amuel]. Keel and 4 persons; W[illiam]. R. Terry and 9 persons; Wm. Robinson and 5 persons; Sandford [Sanford] Forbush and 7 persons; A[lvin]. F. Stewart and 8 persons; Carlos [Charles] Nowlan and 4 persons; D[avid]. R. Miller and 10 persons; R[ufus]. Forbush and 6 persons; G[eorge]. Beckstead and 6 persons; G[eorge]. Brown and 7 persons; W[ealthy]. Shumway [Pratt] and 4 persons; J[ohn]. Manwell [Manwill] and 6 persons; C[aratat]. C. Rowe and 5 persons; S[amuel]. Cotterall and 9 persons; W[illiam]. Willis and 7 persons; S[amuel]. A. Kelsey and 5 persons; J[ames]. Cowley and 3 persons; H[enry]. Cuerden and 6 persons; J[ames]. Udy and 3 persons; Wm. Bradbury and 7 persons; Wm. Walker and 3 persons; Ann Robinson and 3 persons; J[oseph]. Tedrow and 7 persons; R[obert]. Plunket and 8 persons; T. Arper and 3 persons; M. S. Hills and 1 person; M. M. Hills; S. Goodenough and 3 persons; J. Winn and 8 persons; D[aniel]. Vincen[t] and 7 persons; S[amuel]. Vincen[t] and 7 persons; A. Winn and 5 persons; T[homas]. B. Graham and 9 persons; J. Winn and 6 persons; T[homas]. G. Winn and 2 persons; W[ashington]. Lem[m]on and 13 persons; D[avid]. Bowman and 3 persons; W. Beckstead and 4 persons; A. M. Ambleton and 11 persons.