Transcript for "9th Company," Deseret News, 18 September 1852, 2

9th Company, Capt. Isaac M. Stewart, and 7 persons; Peter Tidwell and 1 person; John D[avis] Parker and 4 persons; James D[ickerson] Allen and 8 persons; Waldo Littlefield and 6 persons; Isaac Allen and 3 persons; Peter Rank and 6 persons; Oliver Jones; Geo. Davison and 2 persons; Josephus Hatch and 4 persons; James W[ilburn] Wilker [Welker] and 6 persons; Wm. Stoker and 6 persons; John Welker and 2 persons; Jacob Welker and 4 persons; Joseph Brite [Bright] and 6 persons; Michael Stoker and 2 persons; John McDaniel and 9 persons; Alex. Davis[,] Joseph Dustin and 5 persons; Edw. Davis and 3 persons; Absalom Smith and 7 persons; Lorenzo Babcock and 3 persons; Nathaniel Childs and 1 person; Geo. Sherry and 5 persons; Andrew Shupe and 8 persons; Moses Gay and 9 persons; Jas. [James] M[adison] Chadwick and 7 persons; Philip L. Smith and 3 persons; Thomas E. Smith and 3 persons; Samuel Mackay and 6 persons; James Lewis and 6 persons; John Murray and 2 persons; Moses Child[s] and 6 persons; John Harper and 3 persons; Jas. [James] D. Miller and 12 persons; Wm. Robertson and 2 persons; Charles Thomas and 8 persons, John Harlick and 6 persons; David Muir and 4 persons; Thos. Muir and 1 person; John Muir and 2 persons; [Abram] Workman and 11 persons;[George] Price and 2 persons.