Transcript for "A Company of Saints," Deseret News, 8 September 1858, 118

A COMPANY OF SAINTS, mostly Danes, reached Laramie on the 13th of August, all well, and expect to arrive here about the 19th of this month. The following is a list of their names, as furnished in a letter from Capt. Iverson:—

I. N. [Iver Nicholes] Iversen, H. B. Davidsen, A. M. Davidsen, H. F. Davidsen, M. D. C. Davidsen, K. Hansen, R. [Rasmus] Olesen, P. P. Milhede [Peter Pedersen Meilhede], M. P. Milhede [Maren Pedersen Meilhede], I. Golhfredsen [Jens Gottfredsen], K. M. Golhfredsen [Karen Marie Meilhede Pedersen Gottfredsen], I. P Golhfredsen [Jens Julius Gottfredsen], H. Golhfredsen [Hans James Gottfredsen], M. K. Golhfredsen [Metter Christine Gottfredsen], I. S. Golhfredsen [Joseph Smith Gottfredsen].

P. [Peter] Jorgensen, L. A. [Jens Julius] Jorgensen, I. I. [Lovise J.] Jorgensen, M. S. [Marie Cecelia] Jorgensen, S. [Cecelia] Jorgensen, K. [Caroline] Jorgensen, M. Eriksen, K. Eriksen, M. [Maren] Andersen, C. Nielsen, K. N. A. Nielsen, P. C. Nielsen, K. Nielsen, P. Nielsen, A. Nielsen, I. Nielsen, I. [J.] F. Cleary, R. W. Carr, L. Carr, L. M. Flagg, R. [Richard] Dye, S. Batesen, I. Clayton, L. [Lars] Svendsen, K. [Kirsten] Svendsen, M. Christensen, K. M. [Kirstine Marie] Pedersen, M. [Marie] Pedersen, C. [Christen] Pedersen, N. [Niels] Pedersen, K. [Kirsten Marie] Pedersen, A. S. [Anne Cecile] Pedersen, N. P. [Niels Peter] Pedersen, M. [Marie] Pedersen, A. M. K. Pallersen, F. [Frederika] Christensen.