Transcript for "A Veteran of 1846," Deseret Weekly, 5 June 1897, 794


Early in the spring of 1847 very many went into Missouri and other places to seek employment, whereby they could earn means to fit themselves out for crossing the plains.  I had no supplies except one hundred of flour, two sacks of corn meal, and some whole corn[.]  Our clothing was scant and needed replenishing.  I went, as did many others, to find work to earn a fit out: I obtained work in Jackson county, Missouri.  The Lord blessed by [my] labors so that we could come more comfortably.  I remained there at work until the early spring of 1851.  After I had earned sufficient to bring us through, although my prospects financially were bright if I remained longer, no one could induce me to stay one day after the spring.  We left Kansas City and travelled in our wagon on the north side of the Missouri river until we arrived at Winter Quarters.  From Winter Quarters we journeyed across the plains in Elder Orson Pratt's company and arrived in the Valley on the first day of October 1851.