Transcript for "Accident To and Detention Of an Emigrant," Deseret News, 1 January 1862, 216

Accident to and Detention of an Emigrant.

Mr. Joseph Silver from England by last season’s emigration, now residing at Cold Springs Mail Station, Nebraska Territory has written to President Brigham Young a statement of the causes which led to his detention on the plains, a brief synopsis of which we publish for the benefit of Mr. Silver’s friends both in this Territory and in England.

While traveling in Capt. Andrus’ company between Chimney Rock and Scott’s Bluffs, an accident occurred which rendered his further progress on his journey imprudent if not impossible. Mrs. [Emma] Silver had the misfortune to be run over by a wagon and was so injured that her life was for some time despaired of. Believing however, that while there was life there was hope, Mr. [Joseph] Silver by the assistance of kind friends, had her wounds dressed and she was otherwise made as comfortable as the circumstances with which they were surrounded would permit, and she has been gradually recovering ever since. Mr. Silver entertains the hope that he will be able to continue his journey to this place in the Spring, and the pleasure of a happy meeting with his old friends and acquaintances.