Transcript for Adams, William, [Autobiography], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 32:11-12

I bought a new wagon one yoke of good cattle and six cows. I spent a couple of weeks breaking the cows to work and use them to be handled and to be yoked, and close to the first of May 1849 I started on my journey to Utah in company of Thomas Judd and family[,] Henry Barney & family[,[ four waggons in all[.] having a prosperous journey no accidents haveing ferried the Illinois River near Bardstown, traveling through Rushville Skylerlor McDonaugh & Handcock Counties, we stopped in Carthage and examined the Gail [jail] where Joseph & Hyrum were assassinded [assassinated]. there had been very little improvement made since I have resided in this country. I passed a five acre lot that I had farmed for two years[,] also my House and lot in the City of Nauvoo[.] I never received a cent for either of them. The journey through Iowa was pleasant keeping on the old Mormon trail passing Pisga[h] where several families of the saints resided, and many had died by the hardships by driven from their homes and the hard frosts and colds the experiences in their Journey, seeking a home from the persicution of wicked men and mob violence in the States of Missouria [Missouri] and Illinois. our company arrived at Council Bluff[s] about the first of June, crossed the Missouria by ferrying the latter part of the month and organized into a company of 100 waggon[.] Andrew H. Perkins cappain [Captain] Enoch Reese cappain of first fifty and Al[l]red Capr [Captain] of second fifty and on the seventh day of July commenced our Journey across the plains[.] the traveling was pleasant[.] we arrived on Lookinglass [Looking Glass] Creek in the Paunee [Pawnee] Country we correlled our cattal at night to keep them from being stolen by Indians, the cattle got restless and uneasy broke out of the correll and stampeeded[.] a few got killed several was crippeled[.] I lost two cows in the stampeed leaving me with one yoke of oxen and two yoke of cows[.] we had frequent stampeed not a day passed that some part of the company had stampeed traveling on the road the cattle would get excited and run off with the wagon and contents. Br. Hawks wife was killed I believe the only person that lost their Wife in the dangerous trials the company passed through. The plains from fort Kenney [Kearny] was covered with Buffalo to[.] we reached Fort Larama [Laramie] thousands could be seen by standing on the wagon wheel as far as your eyes could see. the company had to stop to let them pass for fear the would run over us. The company was traveling by tens on account of the danger in stampeeding and made slow progress taking us three month and one half in making Great Salt Lake City.