Transcript for Adelade W. Ridges autobiographical sketch, 1893, 3-4

With Pres Riches approval we went to Los Angelas to enable us to get an outfit to go to the Valley in the spring My husband worked at his trade And I worked in the Pines Hotel for our board. My husband bought four mules and a wagon

We went back to San Bardina [Bernardino] to prepare for our journey in the spring

In the spring we started with Pres Lymans’ and Rich’s Company We had a pleasant Journey[.] My husband had a good deal of running after his mules. They had to be turned out at night and herded[.] I used to find him As he brought them up[.] Not having drove team before we used to be about the last to start[.] But we got along all right

And arrived in the Valley safe and sound June 11th 1857