Transcript for Albert Jones, Autobiography, reel 5, box 6, fd. 5, item 1, [4]

In the Spring of 1862 Bishop Johnathan O. Duke of the First Ward of Provo called me to drive team to Omaha to bring in a load of Emigrating Saints; now came the opportunity to fill a vow I made on the plains in 1856, when standing by the camp fire made by the mountain boys who came out to assist us Hand-cart people, which was to the effect,—that should an opportunity arise in my life when I could be of service in aiding people to cross the plains, as I and mine had been helped, I would surely engage in that duty. So on May 11th, 1862 I started out with my own waggon, one yoke of oxen of my own and three yoke of my neighbors for Florence One Thousand miles away. If was the year of high water and we boys of Captain Homer duncans Duncan's company became amphibious as we were in the water as much as on the land. We made the fastest time of any Ox train to Omaha and return. I reached Provo September 29th, 1862 on my return.