Transcript for Albert Jones notes, circa 1906

The Emigrants made hand Carts at Iowa Paul Gourley

Left Iowa Camp July 28th 20 days lost// here
Two companies—one under Edward Martin[;] one under Jesse Haven

18-4/7 miles per day to make the 1300 in 70 days

Arrived at Florence 22nd August

average travel 12 miles per day

Companies consolidated in one Edward Martin & Daniel Tyler Capts.

Left Florence August 25th 1856 for the 1000 miles journey

576 men[,] women and Children

146 Hand Carts
4 to the Cart—5 of us


Two wagon Companies behind us
Benjamin Hodgett
John A[.] Hunt

Company provisioned for 60 days

100# flour being given to each Cart for transportation

Sep 2 Col Alma [Almon Whiting] Babbit[t]—Thomas Margetts & Child—James Cowdy & wife and others killed—Mrs. Margets carried away by Indians.

Isaac Brockbanks mother

The March

Bro Evans the fourth death[.] tin cup record[.] Mother on the lead

<above> Passed near the spot where A W Babbitt was killed
Too many meetings for prayer & preaching
Moses Cluff and the Buffalo

Danl Tyler and the Mules

The girls and boys courting

The buffalo Chips—the dainty chins

John Watkins[,] Brother Compsan

The Hymn—Come come ye Saints

Oct 8th At Larimie. Over Coat
Flour[,] Bacon[,] Apples & Peaches

The Tennant Cattle driving and guarding

The people getting weary with the work—
John Jacques [Jaques] night adventure

The Appetites—

The 20th October crossing the North Platte

The first snow storm—which reached West to the Wasatch range and the great gloom

Snowed three days

The Songs of Zion

The deaths increasing[,] McBride
Old Scotch Man
his toes out of snow

Our Tent—the death of Jackson

callous to death

Dug the grave of a young man while he walked by its side[,] 14 in this Grave[,] Red Butte

Stone and the Wolves—a foot in a shoe brought to Camp—


Juvenile #23 Jan -1-88


John Watkins & the Ox

Oct 28—Rescued:: Joseph A Young
Daniel W Jones
Abel Garr

The big blue <Government over> Coat

The scene in Camp at the Rescue

Young girls eating toasted raw hide—as girls do gum
Bread Making—Bed making
Tents[,] Cyrus H. Wheelock
Snow 1½”
<Fry Pans>: for shovels [-]
Rescuers[:] David Garr
George D Grant
Robt J Burton
Charles Decker
W H Kimball
Reddick N[ewton] Allred

The crossing of the Sweet Water

W[illiam] S Binder hauls my hand Cart through—

The axle broke
Kimball carried me over—

S. S. went on

I remain & get another Cart and took on our things

The Council at Devils Gate

Cyrus H Wheelock’s address

10 men stay at Devils Gate with the goods of Hand Cart—People and of the Wagon Companies

Rested at Martins Ravine 2 or 3 days

The accidental burning of John Jacques [Jaques] Record


one third died


[Edmund] El[l]sworth & [Daniel D.] McArthur 497 Souls—100 Carts 5 Wagons
Jas D [James G.] Willie <66 died> 500 Souls—120 Carts—6 Wagons
[Edward] Martin & [Daniel] Tyler, 576 Souls, 146 Cars—7 Wagons

1856 Five hand Cart Cos.
[Edmund] Ellsworth—[Daniel D.] McArthur—[Edward] Bunker—Willie ([Edward] Martin & [Daniel] Tyler)

Timing the People time of death
S S Jones and Eph Hanks

The feet of the People frozen

[irrelevant data]

The life Guardsman [David] Blair buried at Quaken Asp hill

The survival of the fittest
Martins Lot the toughest of all
My Vow behind the Log fire

The American Axe:

Nov 2828th over the Big Mountain 7000 to 8000 Altitude[,] the Oxen [illegible] 8 ft Snow