Transcript for Alexander Neibaur journal, 1841 February-1862 April, 26-38

Started from Winter Quarters May 20[.] went about 2 miles going up a hill the falls tounge [false tongue] split the Waggon run bak upset[.] broke one hind w[h]eel[.] forcet to Return to Winterquarter [Winter Quarters.] Br Joseph Barrow his son John & his son in law Thomas Charlesworth assisting me with my broken waggen[.] Br Langestrough Repairing the woodwork[.] Br Andrew Littl doing the blkshm [blacksmithing] got my waggen Rapairet

May 25-26 President B Young his families stard for the Elk horn[.] myself & familie travel 5 miles[.] camp for the knight on prairie in Company 4 more waggons

27 Rose at 5 oclock[.] turn cattle out to feed[.] travel 9 miles

May 28 camped on Pr[prairie.] at Night Thundr & heavy Rain stard about 2 ocl P. M[.] campt on Pappea the bridge being overflowd

29 fine morning[.] heavy dew[.] Br L coming from winter quarters after Dr Berhnisel [Bernhisel] Bishop N K Whitney having hurt himself[.] staid while [until] about 11 ocl stardet in comp[any] with the forementioned 4 teams[.] Road pretty good[,] rather crooked[.] Elk horn pleasant camping ground[.] Br ferrying comp across about 200 teams over from 200 to 250 on the east side

30 fine day[.] continue ferrying

31 fine morning [.] crossed the Horn[.] campt & organist [organized] unter President Mor[e]ly[.] a grave & a pole erected on the side of the grave[,] a white man being killd by the Indians in the Spring 1847[.] also a boy being drownd buried here May 1848

June 1 wind[.] Br Lorenzo Snow stardet with a company[.] Sister Susan Miller & Rilens going a gooseberrying Strayt & lost their way being out all Night[.] some men going in search meeting with them 3 miles from camp

2 father [Zera] Pulsifers [Pulsipher] camp a woman died[.] Br Orson Hyd[e,] Woodruff[,] Benson & others from Winter Quarter arrive in camp[.] Report the Ottos [Ottoes] and Pawnees having had a battle

3 gloomy morning. some children dead—a camp stard 8 o clock went about 3 miles campt[.] father Morley’s camp preprt [prepared] to stard[.] thunder storm coming up[.] ordrt to stay in[.] the Br from winter quarter Return having Reported the Ottoes & Pawnees having had a battle about the houses in Winter quarter[.] father [Reynolds] Calhoon [Cahoon] & his camp arrive 8 teams

4 fine cool morning[.] Sunday a meeting ordrt the Camp to be in readiness to stard at 7 oclk to morrow morning

5 cool morning[.] stardet at 8 ocl[.] 2 companys President Young with the Comp[.] Mrs Groves got run over & had her leg broke[.] campt at platt[e] River[.] fine camping ground[.] road good[.] level prairie[.] formt guad day & night guard for each

6 pleasant morning[.] cattle turnd out at 4 oclock[.] stard at 9[.] camp at R R I T road according to Wm Clayton

7 stard at 8 oc[.] (Indian grave 7½ miles north of the Road formet Carell [corral.] campt 3 ocl[.] a Antelope killet[.] Thunder Storm

8 Rainy Morning staid in consequence[.] camps went a fishing[.] caught nothing[.] Prayer Meeting ev[e]ning

9 fine Morning[.] camp stard 8½ ocl[.] travel 18¼ mil[.] fine camping ground[.] a man got his leg broke

10 fine morning[.] camp stard 8 ocl[.] travl 13[.] campt for Sunday[.] <stood guard>

11 fine day[.] President B. Young preacht[.] 1 ocl

12 fine day[.] camp stard 7 ocl[.] fordet Beaver river[.] campt at Old Pawnee Mission

13 pleasant cool morn[.] stard 7 ocl ford Ash Creek, old Pawnee village[.] severall lodges standing[.] the council house a very copies [copious] circular Building[.] campt for the Night at the Old Pawnee village[.] South Side of the Road

14 fine cool morning[.] windy stard 7 ocl[.] camp reacht Loup Fork 10½[.] 2 camps across the River[.] company formet Carel [corral] on accnt of Wind

15 fine morn[.] a number of teams from the Camp of the west side the River came to assist the camp across[.] stardet about 7¼[.] all the camp was over by 1 ocl[.] word reacht from Elder Kimbals camp having had a battle at the Elk Horn with some Indians[.] towards evning the Sky lowred[.] heavy Rain thunder & lightning

16 Rainy morning[.] John Kays little girl died, in the afternoon Elder Kimballs Camp came in on the east side of the River[.] heavy Rain all night

17 Clear morn buried teams assisting Elder Kimb[al]l Camp over the River[.] in the Afternoon John Kays little girl buried[.] camp called together by President Young to move from here to morrow[.] the travell in Plattoons of 4 abreast[.] stood guard at Night

18 Sunday fine cloudy morn[.] Meeting 10 ocl Pres Young & Kimbal spoke thunder shower in the Afternoon

19 fine Morn[.] stard 20 minutes of 8 travl 12¼[.] turn cattle out[.] stard again at 1[.] travel while 6 turn cattle out[.] stard again 7½[.] travl while [until] 10½ at past at night <4 miles> campt while 5 morn

20 stard travl 8[.] turn cattle out[.] heavy Road[.] stard ¼ 12 travel while 7 camp

21 startd ¼ 8 travel while [until] 12 stay[.] 1½ travel <10> while 4 campt[.] pult a tooth

22 Damp morn[.] travel while noon 22 Damp morn travel while noon[.] turn cattle out[.] camp 6

23 cool morn[.] travel 6 [illegible]

24 cool pleasant morn[.] stard & travel while 6

25 pleasnt morn[.] stard 8 travel while 1 turn for Camp[.] past Br Perkins[,] Pulsifer & Snows camps[.] meeting 6 ocl

26 <fine day in Camp> 27 cool Pleasant morn[.] still in camp about 12 ocl[.] at noon Elder Kimballs camp come past us to camp West of us[.] Eldr Snows camp moving on. <meeting>

28 stard fine morn[.] camp moving 8[.] stard 8½ travel while 1 ocl[.] water teams[.] stard 2 camp[.] 7 meeting at night

29 fine Morn[.] camp stard 8 ocl[,] travel while 12 turn cattle out[.] Buffalo across the River, staid 1½[.] travl while 6 turn out for Camp[.] very hot day

30 fine morning[,] camp stard 8[.] 1¼ mile heavy sandy Road[.] travl while 12 turn cattle out[.] stard at 1½ travl while 7 camp nr a cold Spring the water boiling up

July 1 fine morning sandy Road[.] travel stard 8[.] camp for Sunday travel 12¾ mile[.] Buffalo Plenty

2 fine day[.] Eldr Kimbl camp close by[.] Meeting in the Afternoon[.] camp meets at night. President Young said he was Insulted by the Br in not obeying the vote in Regard to Hunting[.] each 10 apoint their Hunters

3 fine day[.] stard 7½ travel while noon[,] stop 1 hour camp at 5[.] travel 13½ mil

4 fine day[.] stard 7[.] travl while noon, turn cattle out [.] 1¼ hour travel 1½ mil water[.] stay ¾ hour [.] Plenty Buffalo[.] travel ½ mile[.] camp[.] Br Snow & the Rest of the Pioneer camps having journeyt Slow[.] we could go no further to day[.] travel about 12 miles

5 fine cool morn[.] heavy sandy Blufs for 1¼ mil [.] travl while 12[.] turn cattle out 1¼[.] Br [Hyrum] Gates upsetting his waggen in the sand bluff[.] camp 5[.] travel 15 mil[.] Br [Stephen H.] Goddart [Goddard] kilt a Buffalo[.] Thunder & Rain at night

6 cool morn[.] stard 8 travl while [until] 12½[.] turn cattle out[.] camp 5[.] Isaac Mor[e]ly killt a Buffalo[.] travl 15 miles

7 stard 7¾[.] travel while 12[.] turn cattle out stay 1 hour[.] camp 5½[.] heavy Road

8 fine morn[.] stard 7½ [.]travl while 12[.] turn out one hour[.] indian grave in lone tree[.] camp 2½ at Ash Hollow[.] 6 teams Across the River[.] Returning from the Vally Mr Field & others Mr Weaks having gone one [on] with some more Apostetisd[.] President Young saying to Field Weaks should have no Peace of mind neither in time nor Eternity untill he Return & make Satisfaction to the church for the [w]Rongs he has done

9 fine morning pleasnt day[.] meeting in the Evning

10 pleasnt morn[.] leant Sister judsons hea[l]th Stard 8 trvl while 1 stay 1½ camp 5[.] some Indians South site the River

11 fine morn[.] stard 7½ stop 11¼ stay untill 1 camp 5[.] a few Indians ar cross from the South side the River[.] pult a tooth for Sister Fleming[.] at night 10 ocl Br John Green – Allen & a other came from the Vally having left the teams 12 mil ahead with Snows camp

12 fine cool morn [.] camp stard 8½ travel while 11½ stay 12 ½ travl while 4[.] the Br with their teams from the Valy being campt [.] a Indian wigwam on the South site of the River[.] a Numbr of Indians being on the east site[.] camp Meeting to see what were to go to Winter Quarter[.] moved the Camp[.] rest to Morrow

13 fine cool morn[.] a Number of Indians over about 4 oclk our teams went to assist Eldr Kimbls company over the Sant[.] Rain & Thunder at Night <& guard>

14 fine cool morn[.] stard 9½ trvl while 1¼ stay one hour[.] camp at 6[.] a Ro[c]k on the South site of the River Resembling a Continental fort

15 <killt a antelope> cool morn[.] camp stard 8 travl while 12 stay 1 hour Camp opposite Chimney Rock

16 fine cool morn[.] hot day[.] pult a tooth [.] meeting at 4 P M. President Young spoke in Rigard to dividing the Camp in 4 Companys for the better convenience of trvling[.] Isaac Morly Senyr[,] Carns [Garn]—[Chauncey G.]Webb & B Young each travl with 50 teams also a Mail be made up to be sent to the Great Salt lake citie[.] Eldr H. C. Kimbl he also dividit his camp in 4 Companys

17 fine morn[.] stard 8 trvl while 2 turn cattle out stard 3½[.] Br Andrew caught a young deer[.] camp 6[.] Meetin to appoint Officers

18 fine cool morn stard 7½ Mail stard for the Valley at 10 ocl morn turn cattle out 12½ stard again at 2[.] camp at 5½ whitin ½ mile of President Young – stood guard

19 fine cool morn[.] moved 7½ travel while 2 severl camps on the South site of the River[.] rest 2 hours[.] camp 6 Ocl: Brigham Youngs camp close to us west[.] thunder & Rain at Night

20 fine cool morn[.] B. Youngs camp mooved ahead 8½ our camp. <Alexdr Williams Company cross the River> stard 1 hour after Porter Rockwell[,] Louis Robinson & 2 other bring the mail from the Valy having been about 20 days in coming[.] trvl while 2[.] stay ½ hour trvl while 6 camp[.] Br Garns comp cross the River here 12 miles Below Laramie[.] Thunder & Rain at Night

21 cool cloudy morn[.] camps begin to ford the Platt River at 8 ocl[.] Rabbit stream quick sand bottom[.] all the Camp got over by 1 oclk stard at 2 ocl trvl while 3 form Camp[.] very hot day[.] President Youngs camp Isaac Morly[,] Cars [Garn]—Father [Ezra] Chase & H C Kimble camp all within 2 mils

22 cool morn camp moved 8 ocl tru water cattle[.] Indian grave top of a tree[.] North of Road crost Laramie stream at 4 trvl while 7[.] camp for Sundy

23 cool morn[.] caught some fish[.] no Meeting

24 fine cool morn[.] camp stard 8[.] dicent steep hill[.] all the camp by 1½[.] stay one hour form Carell 3½[.] B. Youngs company going ahead

25 cool morn[.] Br Cahoons camp starding ahead our company[.] stard 8 by going round the River road avoid the Steep hill[.] 2nd steep hill[.] rest ¾ about 1 ocl[.] stard at 2[.] a thunder storm coming up[.] turn off the Road ½ hour while the storm past[.] camp at 5—Elder H. C. Kimblls camp past at 6 ocl

26 cool morn[.] stard 6¾[.] Past Kimbl part of Snows & B Youngs camp[.] turn cattle out to feed 9½ ocl: stard at again at 1[.] many long hills[.] camp about 7[.] no water[.] Br Robert Thompsons waggen tyre came of[f.] 27 Rain all night

27 still keep mit misting rain[.] stard at 9[.] reach Hebers Spring[.] many Camps there[.] News from the Valley—muc much fruit such as Curren[t]s[,] Berrys & cherrys at this place[.] heavy hail & Rain at night

28 clearing of[f.] some of the camps starding[.] the men from the valy stard for winter quarter [.] stard at 2 ocl[.] reacht steep hill 3½[.] dooble teams our camp 2 hours getting to the top[.] 5 steep places[.] camped in a hollow creek [illegible] found some Rain water about a mile down the creek

29 stard 20 m of 9[.] trvl one hour[.] overtook B Youngs camp[.] staid ½ hour crooket Road[.] very hilly—uncomen cold on the hills[.] reacht LaBonte 5 ocl: turn up the river 1 mile for camp[.] President Youngs camp being below

30 cool morn [.] Brthrn out to hunt their cattle[.] T. [Thomas] Bullock lost one of his Oxen being found dead[.] Camp stard about 11[.] trvl while 3½ found a good patch of grass[.] trvl about 6½ mil[.] camp nr LaBonte River—some of the Br seeing several Bears[.] good feed about 2 miles up the River

31 pleasant morn though frosty night[.] Eldr Cahoons comp past[.] clime a big hill[.] took 1½ going up

August 1 cool morn Br Goddard[,] Allan & Jeal shot of a Buffalo[.] brought in camp one quarter dividet amongst company[.] brought cattle in [.] one of my kows missing[.] hunted 2 hours[.] ½ part of Eldr Kimballs camp coming up[.] we moved on left word with the Brethren to bring on the cow some of our camp having stardet travelt about 7 miles mysl myself[,] Captain Goddard[,] Major & Allan staid on the hill site all night[.] some water & feed near

2 stard at 8[.] broke the small hount of the tongue[.] fixt up[.] stard 9½ stop for noon 2 hours trvl while 6[.] camp box elder creek good feed & water heavy Thunder & Rain

3 fine Pleasant morn[.] stard 9 rest one hour at noon[.] campt at deer creek 5 ocl[.] Isaac Morley[,] Thomas Bullo[c]k[,] Peart & the Rest of our Camp who had gone on when I lost my cow were here[.] Father Cahoon with his camp[,] Woods with his camp[.] A very hasy day[.] could not see ½ mile before them

4 fine morn[.] stard 8¼ travl while 2[.] Br Gates having killt a Buffalo gone out to fetch in[.] Br. F. Neff lost one of his ovex [oxen] 3 miles from Deer creek[.] hazy day[.] sandy Road got some meat[.] stay 5½ trvl crsd Muddy crk 6½ camp[.] cool night

5 fine M[.] stard 8½[.] finding some feed turn out the Right hand Road[.] camp at 3 ocl[.] Br Cahoon lost 3 head of cattle in 24 hours

6 cool night fine morn[.] stard at 11[.] crosst the River at this point[.] Br Pirts oxen strayed away after having crosst the River[.] Porter Rockwell & Eldridg[e] came from B Young camp saying the Road was too heavy[.] Recrosst the River 3¼[.] Br Goddard broke a yoke[.] Br Gates having sent word there was part of a Buffalo for our Company hindert 1½[.] Joseph Major fell out of the Waggon[.] past the grave of a young man who was drownd 1847[.] came to camp 8½

7 fine breezy morn[.] Divide meat stard 9 very dusty reacht B Y Camp at 1 crosst River campd 3½ Eldr Cahoons camp being near

8 fine pleasant morning[.] camp at 5 nr Mineral Springs[.] my watch out of ordr at a loss for the time of day[.] shot a Buffalo

9 cool morn[.] Br Bullock capt being left behind. T.B. one of his oxen missing[.] Louisa Thompson being run over[.] camp about 7 ocl[.] Goddard & T B: camp came up about 9 ocl: having Recoverd his Ox [.] Eldr Cahoon lost a Cow[.] travl to Spring[.] Cool day some thunder & Rain

10 fine pleasant morn [.] stard 8 travl while noon[.] cattle tired[.] turn out on the South site of the Road[.] good grass fine stream about ¼ mile of[f] the road[.] plenty Fish[.] camp Grease wood creek livly stream <:camp 7>

11 pleasant morn[.] stard 8[.] gather salaratus of a lake[.] looks like a frozen lake[.] B Y came coming up[.] camp 6½ close to Indepentence Rock a grt curiosity[.] a Solid Rock neither grass, moss, soil nor anything else but a Solit rock about ½ mile circumfrence

12 plsnt mrn[.] strd 8½ Devils gate 5½ miles west of the Road the River running betwen perpenticular Rocks from 5 to 600 feet high worthy the visit of any passer by[.] camp about 2 miles from the Gate

13 fine morn[.] B Y: & a number of Camps above & below[.] Br Goddard & J S Allan shot 2 Buffalo[.] fetcht in camp about midnight

14 Start to dry meat[.] Elder Snows camp passt

15 stard 7½[.] stay 1½ hour noon trvl while sun down[.] camp on the River[.] heavy Road[.] several head of Cattle dead

16 cool morn[.] stard 9 stay 1½ hour noon[.] Br. T. Bullocks Ox died[.] heavy Road

17 very cool morn[.] Stormy night [.] Br Goddard Ox died[.] 18 stard 9[.] camp 4½ trvl 9½ miles[.] Met Ralph & a other man with mail from Valey

18 fine cool morn[.] stard 7 ocl[.] 18 miles[.] camp at 9[.] heavy Road[.] a number of cattle dead about here

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Br T Bullock left a ox on the Road site[.] the wolfs devoured him by morning

19 fine cool morn[.] stard about 9 trvl 5 mils camp[.] Br Goddard killt a Antelope[.] fetcht him in camp about 11 ocl at night[.] Gad Jael [Yale] killt 2 Buffalo

20 fine cool morn[.] a number of the Camp went out a Shooting killt a Buffalo

21 fine frosty morn[.] stard 9 trvl 6 miles[.] a Woman & young man [Tuttle] left by Dr Parker on the Road site[.] Br took them up[.] caught a fine lot of Fish[.] <put Potatoes in a Box>

22 fine cool morn[.] strd 8½ trvl 9½ mils[.] high Rocky Mountains Snow to be seen at tistance[.] Br Fair from the Valy[.] one of Br Snows waggens broke, Br Free lost 4 head cattle

23 pleasant morn trvl 9½ miles to Strawberry Creek 24 cool morn trvl 10¾ miles[.] camp Down the River 1 mile Br B:Y:C being above

24 fine cool morn[.] went to see Prdy[.] heard some good news from the Valy[.] a Epistle & a Private letter being read to us

25 fine morn[.] Br Goddard[,] Peart[,] Jael [Yale] and J S Allen stard on their journey[.] the Rest of our Camp staying to await Assistance from the Valy

26 fine morn[.] teams ordert to go and Assist Elder Kimbll

27 fine morn[.] handet cattle & waggons over to go back to Winter quarter[.] B Y going to H C K: Camp[.] prt of teams going Bk to Winter quarter[.] Br Rosencrantz[,] Lorenzo Young coming with horse teams from Valy

28 fine cool morn[.] the Rest of teams going bk to W:Qrtr[.] windy day. some teams going to fetch Eldr Kimblls camp

29 fine cool morn[.] some more teams for Eldr Kimbls Camp

30 fine cool morn[.] teams coming in from Valy

31 frosty Night[.] Ice ½ inch thik[.] Pr: B:Y: returnet from H C: Camp[.] Father Morley[,] Cahoon & Major getting the names of the Br that stand in need of Assistance[.] Very stormy Rain[.] teams dividet

Sept 1 Rain & stormy morn[.] loadet up B: Y stard

2 Rainy Night[.] all night & forenoon[.] cleart of[f] about noon

3 stormy morn[.] Mrs [Abigail] Wulsy [Woolsey] died[.] one of J D Lee camp[.] strd noon[.] cleart of[f] camp on Pacific Spring

4 fine cool morn[.] camp[.] stard 8 trvl 20 miles Big Sandy A cool day

5 fine cool morn[.] camp strd 10 ocl[.] past B Y camp[.] crosst Big Sandy campt about ½ mile S of Road in company with Elder Cahoons camp

6 fine morn[.] strd 9 trvl 17 miles camp upstream

7 fine morn[.] strd 8 trvl 15 miles[.] camp

8 find morn[.] strd 9 trvl to Bl[ac]k fr[or]k Thunder[,] hail & Rain[.] staid on the Road till the storm past

9 fine morn[.] Thunder storm heavy hail & Rain in the Afternoon[.] trvl 3¾ mile[.] camp on Hams fork[.] lovly camping place[.] Elder Kimbls cCmp come up[.] staid over

Sunday 10 fine morn[.] camp Blk fork

11 fine morn[.] some Rain in the Afternoon[.]camp on Blk fork

12 Rainy cold morn[.] past Fort Bidger [Bridger] the Road turning to the left[.] Claytons guide to the Right[.] camp in the hollow

13 fine morn[.] strd[.] Campt on Summit

14 Snow cold morn[.] trvl to Sulphur [.] Br Be[c]k getting the cattle that I had[.] I was left on Bear River[.] B Youngs camp passing on

15 fine morn[.] about noon a number of the Snake Indians coming up pitch their wigwams[.] Eldr Kimbls camp passing by[.] could get no cattle[.] Br Wm Hempy [Empey] camping with us

16 fine frosty morn[.] Pleasant day a Number of Camps passing 17 frosty morn in the Afternoon Br Stephen Kels[e]y a young man that drove for Br Woods brought 4 yoke of Cattle to Assist me

17 stard after breakfast[.] <past H C K cmp> camp at Cache Cave[.] O: Huntington passing by

18 trvld 15 mi

19 fine day[.] reacht Br Woods camping place[.] left again without cattle[.] Br Hempy [Empey] campt here

20 fine morn[.] in the Afternoon Br Wm Cole came with 2 yoke of Oxen belonging to Father Tailor [Taylor]

21 Rainy morn[.] strd[.] bad Road[.] Campt in good time[.] the men Returning from A Lymans Company[.] trvl 12 miles

22 Rainy morn[.] in the Afternoon reached the top of the mountain[.] view of the Valy

23 Rainy morn[.] trvld about a mile had to stop ⅓ up the hill on Account of Rain the Road being slippery. yesterday past a number of broken waggens

24 fine cool morn[.] reacht the Valy in the Afternoon[.] a fine Looking country[.] the fort looks well[.] meeting in the Afternoon