Transcript for Allen, Elijah, Autobiographical sketch [ca. 1848], [5]

I went to saint [San] Gabr[i]el Mis[s]ion and worked till 19 Sep[.] I left Williams ranch about the 15 of Feb[r]uary in company of 10 or 12 others with 200 head of catle for the church[.] I stood guard most every night & drove Cattle all day for about 3 months till about the 23 of May[.] I arrived in salt Lake Valley & commenced farming at the mout[h] of Red But[t]e Canion [Canyon.] I Paid to Bro fullar 5 dollars for a half Bushel of corne & the same for half Bushel Buck wheat & 25 cents a Pound for flour[.] the crickets Eat off Every spear of Corne I had[,] so I left for the States with Mr goodger with a band of horses[.] we went up weber Kanion [Canyon.] I was but Porely Clothed[.] I got a Pair of Pants of the Dragoons & fell air to all the live stock[.] some times verry annoying[.] we continued to travel till we came to the sweet water[.] we suddenly came upon the camp of President Young & several hundred saints[.] we camped close by[.] I went up to camp to see my friends once more[.] when I left the Misourii [Missouri] river President Young said he would see me again which happened just here and his first words was may the Lord Bless you for Ever & Ever[.] I thanked him[.] visited a hour or two & got some good cloth[e]s went back to camp & after the night repose started for the united states to goo see my farther mother Brothers & sisters once more & crossed the misourar [Missouri] River the 23 of oct 1848 & thus after being gone over two years I felt I had landed once more on the shores of America