Transcript for Allen, Sarah Fiske, Reminiscences, in Preston Nibley, "A Bag of Gold Dust," Church News, 28 June 1941, 8

"In 1851 I exchanged my gold dust for cash and goods, reserving enough of the gold to make me a ring, which I still wear. I gathered my little means together, and hired me a wagon made, purchased another cow and yoke of young cattle and helped to purchase another yoke of cattle, procured my provisions for the journey, and took a young man and his wife into my wagon he acting as teamster and in company with many of my brothers and sisters, in the spring of 1852, started for Salt Lake City.

"I will hastily pass over the incidents of the journey, as many have written upon it, suffice it to say, our teams became weakened, our loads were heavy, and our progress slow. The cholera attended the camp for several hundred miles, one woman dying. We arrived in Salt Lake City in good health[,] September 14th, 1852."